Why Should I Donate

We, Human Beings call ourselves Civilized but in reality we are as savage as the prehistoric Man. Only difference is that we do not indulge in so much of retail killing. We Human Beings now focus on mass killing on a scale which can extinct all of us.

If you want this Human Species to evolve to the last stage where no mass killings are possible, you may think of doing something for it whatever you feel you can. It could be DONATION also.

This Donation will help create a WAVE. A day will come when this wave will evolve into a Tsunami of Earthians in which all the barriers between Countries will be swept away. A new lasting Era of peace, prosperity and fraternity will begin.

You may like to share a message with fellow beings to inspire them to donate

Donors Say

“It is not a Donation. It is a tiny Insurance Premium to help evolve and protect lasting Global Peace , prosperity, fraternity for our great grand children.”

Jaiprakash Taparia

” Donating a small portion of my wealth towards this holy cause gives me true fulfillment, satisfaction and mental peace “

Vasudev Sharma

” I am just fulfilling my duty by donating to this cause as mentioned in the holy scriptures “

Tom D’costa

“एक जबर्दस्त क्रांतिकारी विचार जो पूरी दुनिया पर लोकतांत्रिक रूप से शासन करेगा, मेरा सलाम व आर्थिक योगदान इस प्रेरणादायी संकल्पना के लिए “

दीपक नेगी