The Happy Earth

The whole Earth is one village, called Earthia, comprising of Union of Countries living peacefully in perfect harmony with each other and with Nature.

This Is Year 2050

The whole Earth is one village, called Earthia, comprising of Union of Countries living peacefully in perfect harmony with each other and with nature.

There is Government of Earthia, governing all the Earthians / Countries democratically
There are no armies on Earth. There are only border security forces of Earthia, and police force of the countries / states. There are no weapons of war or mass destruction.
There is food, clothing, shelter, basic education and primary health service available to all
There are no products, processes which spoil ecology / flora and fauna / environment, only renewable energy sources are used
There is no cruelty towards animals and creatures. Tobacco and other narcotic plant species no longer exist on the planet


There is a written agreement between all religious heads being followed by all religions i.e., respect and freedom for every one’s faith and no hate/enmity and no attempt to convert religion of any individual by force or allurement or economic compulsions.

There is low unemployment percentage. And there is social security to take care of unemployed

Every human being is free to live, move and own property anywhere. There is no passport nor visa. There is only an identity card issued by Government of Earthia
There is only one currency which is issued and controlled by Earthia government, namely “money and cent (100 cent = 1 money)”

There is only one tax i.e. Transaction tax i.e. a small percentage on every bank transaction. No GST, no sales tax, no income tax, no wealth tax, no excise duty, no customs duty and no octroi

Mostly there is only one cause of death i.e., old age

This is possible.

Scientists, economists, historians, human right activists will agree that it is possible

All it needs (but missing) is political will of major nations
All it needs is combined action of citizens forcing their countries to accept it
All it needs is you and me to start this fire somewhere
In this age of information technology, it will spread like a wild fire

‘’If you want this idea to become a reality, then this website is for you’’

Who We Are

‘’Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’’
Victor Hugo

We are ordinary Human Beings like most of us. We became restless when it dawned that it is possible for ordinary Human Beings to make this World free of large scale Conflicts and Wars. All it needs is to be a part of this Movement. The right time has come now!!

So we are trying to ignite a small fire here and there which will soon become an Inferno which will engulf all of us.

We are located in some part of India but it is immaterial because this Movement is a Global phenomenon.

What can I do

We can not waste our energy in what are the right steps towards the goal of Earthia.
Every Earthian is free to do what he/she feels right steps to reach the goal.
Whatever you do will work towards the goal of Earthia.


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