Goals and Objectives

We shall act as a facilitator and catalyst of change striving to create following situations / circumstances

  • To make a Union of Countries living peacefully in perfect harmony with each other and with Nature
  • To form the Government of Earthia, that will govern all the Earthians / Countries democratically.
  • To abolish Armies on Earth
  • To achieve disarmament and zero weapons of war or mass destruction
  • To promote use of eco-friendly and renewable energy sources to make the Earth green
  • To promote zero cruelty against all animals and living creatures leading towards making the Earth a better place for all Living Beings.
  • To strive for complete eradication of tobacco and other narcotic plants from the planet
  • To facilitate making a joint written Declaration by all Religious Heads upholding respect and freedom for every one’s Faith and declaring ‘no religious conversion’ except voluntarily.
  • To strive to reduce unemployment
  • To achieve social security for Elders, unemployed and other weaker sections of Society
  • To uphold individual freedom and their Right to live, Right to move and Right to own property anywhere.
  • To gradually abolish the requirement of passport or visa and issuance of only one identity card issued by the Government of Earthia.
  • To abolish all existing currencies and introduce only one Currency issued and controlled by the Government of Earthia. It may be named something like money and cent (100 cent = 1 money)”.
  • To achieve the target of a single tax i.e. Transaction Tax which will be a small % on every Bank transaction
  • To improve mortality rate by reducing unnatural, manmade and accidental death