Frequently asked questions

  • Is EARTHIA a political party, commercial company, NGO or a social movement?

    EARTHIA is a Union of all Countries. The Government of EARTHIA is a Democratically elected Body empowered to govern EARTHIA.

  • Is EARTHIA restricted only to environment related issues?

    No. EARTHIA is a Utopian Concept transforming the whole World. Environmental issues will form one of the agenda of the Government of EARTHIA.

  • Are there any membership fees to become an Earthian?

    The moment a person supports the idea of EARTHIA, he is deemed to have become an EARTHIAN. The enrolment is done to provide a Platform for all Earthians to come together and push the idea. The nominal voluntary contribution will help the NGO to grow.

  • Can I get any post as office bearer in EARTHIA?

    There is no formal Organization. There are no formal Posts and Organograms. Everyone is free to do whatever he/ she feels fit as long as he/she supports the idea.

  • Is EARTHIA the only single Mass movement in the World to promote the idea of a single Entity governed by a single Government of EARTHIA?

    No. There are many similar socio-political movements in the world pursuing similar Goals in their own way. As we come across them, we shall try to bring them on one Platform but work independently.

  • Is the Government of EARTHIA a threat or a challenge to the present Sovereign Countries?

    This Movement is only helping the Cause of the Sovereign Country by encouraging Countries to come together and form a Single Governing Body without limiting the internal Freedom of any Country.

  • I have a fear that the EARTHIA concept shall be hijacked by the Capitalists or a few powerful Nations?

    The process of the Union of all Countries will take place very gradually cautiously and the Constitution will take time to be formed such that there is always a balance of Power. Neither a few powerful Countries should be able to dictate nor a large number of small Countries be able to push bigger Countries on the Margin.

  • It seems the idea you are promoting is not practical and seems impossible?

    Every Great idea had appeared impractical or impossible when first proposed. Ultimately what is in the larger interest of Human Beings will prevail. Combined power of Masses is irresistible.

  • What is the need and relevance of EARTHIA when there is the United Nations and its various Depts like UNDP, UNICEF, etc. are working and doing a good job?

    The United Nations, UNDP, UNICEF, etc were formed because different needs were felt by prominent Countries after World War II. However, the United Nations faces limitations to address many burning issues before the World. Those Limitations arise basically because United Nations decisions are not binding on a Country which feels its interests are in conflict with others. Whereas Earthia is an extension of the European Union concept which envisages a world without armies. All we need to do is to expand the concept followed and practised by European Union.

  • The EARTHIA action plan and milestones are not achievable in a given time frame and seem unrealistic?

    The Time frame depends on you and me. It all depends on how many of us are prepared to stand up and raise our voices to support this last and final Unification process. Miracles have happened, can happen and will happen.

  • How will you face the resistance and opposition from the political class who are ruling their respective National Governments and they may see your Movement as a threat to their existence?

    As the theory goes, when Right Time has come, whatever anyone does, apparently in favour or against the Movement, it ultimately provides a further push to the idea. Obviously, a favourable Movement will push the Idea further. But even an opposing Movement by a Government or by its Subsidiary will further ignite the fire in people for EARTHIA. The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre is an apt example of how it helped India achieve freedom.

  • I want to do something about Earthia. What should I do?

    Let us not waste our energy in debating what is the right thing to do for a person. Trying to bind a person into the right or wrong thing to do will consume energy from both. So you are a free EARTHIAN to do what you feel right to reach the Goal. Whatever you do will surely work towards the Goal. We will keep sharing ideas and let every individual pick up what he / she feels right.