Birth of an Idea

‘’Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’’

Victor Hugo

  • History tells us that there has been largely peace within an Entity having a Government. However very many times there is a conflict, at times amounting to War between two or more independent Entities.
  • This learning taken from History, gave birth to the idea of one single Government for the whole Earth.
  • The name of this idea and the ultimate Entity is EARTHIA
  • The Human Beings citizens of Earthia will be called EARTHIANS
  • This idea is a promise to Humanity about a lasting peace all over the Globe

This is the idea whose time has come

  • Therefore no forces of the universe can stop this idea from becoming a Reality.
  • This will start as a small wave, then a bigger wave, then a still bigger wave and ultimately a huge Storm, a Tornado which will engulf into it all the present Entities called Countries.
  • Now whatever anyone does, for or against this idea will only help to realize this idea.